Antiracist Hitler

On the topic of Wagner and his obviously egregious connections

To history’s most evil man, that guy from Austria…

Let it be known that that most evil man has now risen Phoenix-like

After beaming down from his flying saucer and is now a totally new man

Preaching his new gospel of tolerance to anyone who’ll listen to him

In the Middle East’s only thriving bastion of peace and all good things under the Sun.

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Richard Wagner- Tristan und Isolde Act 3 “Liebestod”


If I’m not mistaken, this sublime excerpt, “Love death”, from the end of Tristan & Isolde, a Pyramus & Thisbe moment, is from this Daniel Barenboim-conducted DVD.

I have no idea what Mr Wagner would say about Waltraud Meier, but to these ears she sounds divine as she melts into the Night to meet her Knight Tristan who died an hour earlier than she had expected.

Daniel Barenboim, an Argentinian-born Israeli, deserves a standing ovation for his efforts to promote the musical dramas of the Timeless Richard Wagner.

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Richard Wagner Bicentennial Rant

For the record

This rant begins

Within Richard Wagner’s 200th birthday.


Happy 200th Birthday Richard Wagner!

I salute you because you have enriched my life

With your musical dramas

More so than any of your contemporaries.

I love Aida, but the rest of Verdi’s work

Is pretty dull compared to Lohengrin et al.


I’m not sure what you’d think of

The heavyweight proportion of my

Daniel Barenboim-conducted versions of your

Your masterpieces.

I can’t easily get to Bayreuth

So I rely on Warner Classics, or Deutsche Grammophon.

John Tomlinson plays a fine Wotan in The Ring 1992

But you have the final say.

Anne Evans sings Brünnhilde’s role well

But you have the final say

Especially on whether or not we continue with

Harry Kupfer’s Star Wars lasers.


How anyone can brush you away

Is beyond me.

But then again, the JWO teaches kiddies

That Bob has a new roommate by the name of Phil

And by implication, they’re backdoor men.

The Quadrivium, moreover, is nothing but

A museum piece.


If there were only one composer I could take

To a deserted island exile

It would be You.


I’m not interested in CERN’s Higgs Boson

CMS Higgs-event.jpg

Because my compass and straightedge demonstrate

That point, line, area and volume are the world’s basic building blocks

Starring  the Number of Completion 108.

And in the same way

You are like the Truth revealed

By compass and straightedge:

Beautiful, well-proportioned, balanced

And Almighty.


Antisemitic they say always

Like all those warmistas today

Telling us every bit of bad weather

Is the result of Crime It Change.


When was the last time

Y’all had a Rick Sanchez moment

And realized the ugly truth?


Life in the materialistic and totally horizontal New World Order

Is meaningless without You.

Israeli-occupied Germany

Insists on labeling you the first Not See (thanks Fetcho!)

And because of that Kosher-certified double  lie

They call you mad…

But a genius.


We know who did 9-11

And who lie all the time about who did it

And it’s pathetic witnessing the perpetual apologies

To you know who over German nationalists

And German master musicians

Above all, You.


When will the real Germany stand up

And not be Israel’s cash cow?

Truth, besides, doesn’t need laws to protect it.

The radius of a circle walks around

Its circumference exactly six times

Always, everytime and everywhere

And that’s the Truth

No law required.

So why do Europe and Kanada have to

Back WWII’s most quoted number

With legislation?


How many have taken the time to consider

David Cole’s pre-persecution study

And have transcended

Decades of lies?

Not too many because by doing so

You are breaking the law in “Germany”

And other such places where

The Tribe rules


But here we are again

Getting off on the J Question

Without realizing Churchill, FDR, Stalin, Truman, Bomber Harris, Curtis LeMay, Ilya Ehrenburg…

Were the real big time destroyers.

And that is why hemp remains a four-letter-word

You can’t say on TV

And every pro-Wagner book out there

Must contain an apology to the Jews.


Long Live Master Richard Wagner!

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Sixty-Five Minute Jonathan Bowden Lecture Re Julius Evola

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Jonathan Bowden: Nietzschean Ideas


Eye have no idea whether the vacuum left by Bowden’s death last year has been filled.

No one preaches the Nietzchean Doctrine of Inequality as forcefully and as eloquently as Jonathan does.

Kevin MacDonald, and his fellow Amerikan ideological subordinates of all shapes, forms and sizes

Guys like Mike Sledge, Kyle Hunt, John Friend, and John Kaminski — walk in Bowden’s mighty shadow.

His best speeches compel you to torch all the kosher-certified and Made-for-TV mold and mildew

That has accumulated while incarcerated in typical NWO Captain Amerika type concentration camps

Wherein the indoctrination is so complete you police yourself and those around you

To ensure you remain equally daft, the lowest common denominator.


And as next to no one acknowledges Doug Christie’s death

Or Richard Wagner’s upcoming 200th birthday,

Amerika and Britain — leaders of the Free World during the War to destroy the Greatest Evil Ever

Spiral further today into the toxic sinkhole they have created for themselves

Being the high-tech interest-bearing, aspartame-coated GMO commies they are.


Reviving Nietzschean ideas of inequality would be a good thing

Because life, contrary to what the communist NWO has to say about it,

Is indeed unequal

Which is why a few dancers are great and most are mediocre.

Heroes are as natural as the Rising Sun

And not to be portrayed as homosexuals in tights

Fighting the Evil Not Sees.

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TEDx Removes This Graham Hancock Talk


TED removes this GH talk from its YouTube Channel.


Those who have supported TED over the years

Have now awakened to the

Totalitarian Evil Doer in their midst

Posing as an open arena

For discussing the most important issues of the day.


The War on Consciousness Graham refers to

Suggests an independent actor battling Tyranny.


A slight problem, Mr Hancock

Because the Totalitarian Evil Doer

Engineers consciousness and

The supposed free agent is nothing but

A slave to the ironclad boundaries imposed by TED.


You’re going need a little more than shrooms

And the Vine of the Dead to awaken humanity

From its TED-imposed slumber.


Ask Sylvia Stolz for details.

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Japan’s War in Colour: TWI/Carlton TV (2004)


Higan now in Japan

So this English-made for TV 95 minute documentary

Finds a place for this blogger right now.

Rest in Peace to all the Fallen of all wars

Manufactured or otherwise.


Had the Japanese bombed Pearl’s oil storage facilities 

And destroyed a few aircraft carriers at sea

Instead of (mostly) temporarily immobilizing WWI junk

It would have bought some more time to expand 

And consolidate its Empire under the Sun.


Had Japan won the Pacific War would its people 

Be any better off today?  


Freedom, freedom and more freedom

Is what the Judeo/Freemasons trumpet 

Twenty-four seven

Yet none is to be found under our droned 

And chemtrailed skies

As we all head for life-destroying

Environmental disaster 

As Al Gore demonizes carbon dioxide

And hemp remains a four-letter word 

You can’t say on TV.


Spring, however, reminds us 

Nature’s Abundance is formidable 

And even if humanity destroys itself

It will continue and a new humanity

Will rise from the radioactive ashes

In the latest Golden Age.

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